The RE-Builders of Pripyat Season 6 – A Deal with the Devil.

Last time out Chepiga guided Pripyat to survival in their first season in Ukraine’s second tier (Persha Liha).

If you missed it you can catch up using the link below.

The RE-Builders of Pripyat Season 5 – Firefighting on FM20

The hopes for Season 6 were more of the same, survival by any means. However, all available metrics suggest that we have little hope.

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How to create a club in Football Manager – FC Pripyat FM20.

This post first appeared in Issue Two of Latte Quarterly, a quarterly Football Manager e-magazine created by FMGrasshopper, AccordingtoFM, FMAdventure, and FMSamo. I’d thoroughly recommend you download all the issues and dive in for a read.


This year on FM I decided to create a club in the pre-game editor and enter them in the amateur leagues in Ukraine. The club in  question is FC Pripyat,Pripytat was founded in 1970 as the ninth Atomgrad in the USSR, a one industry super-bloc, and part of the ‘peaceful atom’ project to house workers for the nearby Vladimir I Lenin nuclear power plant in Chernobyl.   The football team had been making steady progress in the Soviet Union regional leagues before disaster struck in 1986 with the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster. If you want to read more background on my save you can read my introductory post here. Read on below to find out how I brought FC Pripyat back to life in Football Manager 20. Continue reading “How to create a club in Football Manager – FC Pripyat FM20.”

The RE-Builders of Pripyat Season 5 – Firefighting on FM20

Last time out Chepiga was the toast of Pripyat securing the club’s second promotion in four seasons since project re-build started. Pripyat now found themselves in Ukraine’s second tier (Persha Liha). Tipped to go straight back down, could Chepiga defy the odds once more and keep Pripyat up? Read on to find out… If you missed the Season 4 update click the link below.

The RE-builders of Pripyat Season 4 – Third time lucky?

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It’s (probably not) coming home. Episode two. Diego Mendoza and the 4-2-3-1 Narrow

Welcome to the second instalment of my mini series, “It’s (probably) not coming home” where I ask members of the FM community to take charge of the England national team and guide the country to glory at Euro 2020, or not. If you missed the first episode with FMPressure you can find it here.

In my introduction to the series I said I wanted to bring people on who are well known for a particular style of play. So, who better than Club and Country aficionado, Diego Mendoza to take his turn managing the three Lions. Famous for club and country saves most notably with Caracas and Venezuela,and who could forget the Club World Champions, Al Ahli, of Libya (See a highlights package of this triumph here, as prepared by TedRedwood). If you do not already follow Diego on twitter, then please do. As ever he can be found off the beaten track in FM20 in Japan with Albirex Niigata.

After FMPressure put England on the brink of qualification it is up to Diego to finish the job against Montenegro before returning to England for a friendly with Nigeria. The words below were written by Diego, before I return at the end for a little tactical analysis. Continue reading “It’s (probably not) coming home. Episode two. Diego Mendoza and the 4-2-3-1 Narrow”

It’s (probably) not coming home. Episode 1. FMPressure and the 4-1-4-1

Welcome to a little side project I’ve called “It’s (probably) not coming home”. In this series I have enlisted the help of members of the FM Community and asked them to manage the England national team for two matches in an attempt to bring football home, and win the Euros in 2020, or not.

When deciding what I wanted out of the series I decided to ask members of the community who have a particular formation or tactical style they generally always try and implement. By using ‘famous’ players I hope it will be possible to really understand the type of player they use in their systems and gain some insight into how they play the game.

Where better to start then than with FMPressure of Auxerre and 4-1-4-1 fame (his site is here). Ever since I have followed his saves I have been struck by his clear thinking when it comes to tactics, especially the 4-1-4-1. So I was very happy when he agreed to take charge of England’s two games against Kosovo and Bulgaria. The words below were written by FMPressure and are well worth a read. To finish off I do a little FM Analysis afterwards. Continue reading “It’s (probably) not coming home. Episode 1. FMPressure and the 4-1-4-1”

The RE-Builders of Pripyat Season 4 – Third Time Lucky?

In last week’s post Chepiga’s men failed, once again, at the penultimate hurdle. Stranding FC Stroitel Pripyat in Ukraine’s third tier for a third season. Could it be third time lucky for Ruslan? That would be nice, but Chepiga doesn’t believe in any of that nonsense. You get from life what you take, plain and simple.

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The RE-Builders of Pripyat Season 3 – Lockdown Russian style

It was only a matter of time. It began with a few people coughing, they thought it was the radiation but the dosimeters said otherwise. Soon everyone was coughing, before long people started dying.

Chepiga’s workforce was full of men who had seen too many winters, and those who were too ill to work in conventional sectors of the economy. The only way to stop the spread of the virus was to have a cull, the fledgling city could not support widespread illness.

One death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic.

Chepiga knew this would fall to him. Killing never bothered him, usually it was quick and he never had to clean up. This was different, he had come to respect these men, they worked night and day together, sweat dripping from their brows as they laid bricks and mortar in this Ukrainian hell hole.

Poison wouldn’t work, these guys were radioactive, he would have to get up close and personal with them.  As long as they closed their eyes, Ruslan could compartmentalise the horror of it.

It took most of the day but he completed the mission, as he always did. He wanted to sleep but he had a promotion push to plan.

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Latte Quarterly Issue Two

I wrote a little FM for the most recent edition of Latte Quarterly. In this article I outline how I created FC Pripyat in the editor. There are also some cracking articles from FM Samo, FM Adventure and AccordingtoFM in there. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Latte Quarterly Issue Two


Latte Quarterly

Welcome to Issue Two of Latte Quarterly, the quarterly Football Manager e-magazine.

Latte Quarterly is collated, edited and published by FMSamo, fmadventure, FMGrasshopper and AccordingtoFM. In this issue we also welcome guest pieces from FMEadster and BlackSeaFM. They got in touch with us via DM and email with the ideas for their pieces. You can do the same if you’d like to contribute to a future issue.

Sit down, pick up your Latte and dive in.

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RE-builders of Pripyat: Season 2 – Chepiga has a Son! #FM20

The Apple never falls far from the tree??

Last time out Chepiga masterminded an unlikely promotion for FC Pripyat using a tactical framework similar to that of Ukrainian legend Valeriy Lobanovskiy. This post will provide a round up of season two, along with some extraordinary news coming from the academy.

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The RE-builders of Pripyat: A Valeriy Lobanovskiy tactical recreation. Part Three

Playing on the counter attack & a short season 1 update

Parts one and two of this little tactical series looked at the formation and the team instructions of my Lobanovskiy pressing tactic.

I also have a version that I use when I want to sit deeper and hit teams on the counter-attack. Lobanovskiy would employ such a plan very often away from home. He was one of the first proponents of the idea that winning at home and drawing away would secure the title in most seasons. Most smaller sides would happily accept a draw at home when playing the mighty Kyiv so it became almost mutually beneficial. Eventually, in response to this, the Soviet league introduced a cap on the number of draws that sides were allowed and any draws over this total would not accrue any points. Continue reading “The RE-builders of Pripyat: A Valeriy Lobanovskiy tactical recreation. Part Three”